jasonphoenix jasonphoenix: Mouth @ The Jazzhaus


Mouth @ The Jazzhaus

Long before anyone arrives at the Jazzhaus for the Mouth show, sound and lights are onsite.

Setup for sound and lights went without a hitch.  Or at least no noticeable hitches.  Or if there were, they didn't interfere with schedule. All wrapped up ontime and ready to go.

Soundcheck was entertaining, even just as random bits of sound. There aren't pics of me doing the drum checks, which is probably for the best.

A little past 10 pm, Mouth took the stage, blending in with the hip hop track running over mains.

The start was dreamy and ambient, floating along. The Jazzhaus started coming to life, and the dancefloor began to fill.  The mood was expertly set by Chad, filling the stage with cool washes of blue light.

Mouth began to catch the energy from the dancefloor, picking up tempo and getting more aggressive. Zach's bass


2nd set highlight
Girls onstage
spodiodious outkast -absolutely killed. 
As Laurie Love hula hooped
Madison in jam
Dancefloor full good ratio of females to males
Next track dnb driven, great solo by gunner solid rocking bass from Zach