jasonphoenix jasonphoenix: Blogger App Test #7 Review


Blogger App Test #7 Review

In brief:

    1.  Was able to write, edit, and post words on the fly.
    2.  Was able to attach photos
    3.  Was unable to keep up with documenting reality until simply jotting notes    
    4.  Pictures were difficult to review and select, also seems to have changed resolution (?), did not retain orientation
    5.  Pictures do not insert anywhere but at the end of the post.
    6.  Was unable to upload onsite (not related to app)
    7.  Location did not stick--apparently must be posted from location you are at to retain selection.  Cannot upload from a different place and keep location.
    8.  Believe app is intended for micro-blogging purposes
    9.  Believe taking notes and pictures and assembling both at later time necessary
  10.  Was very amusing effort, very fun event.