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Social & Contact

The Official Channel and Last Word on All Things Jason Phoenix is: 

Don't trust anything concerning Jason Phoenix unless you find it at jasonphoenix.com as a general rule.  This includes press, rumors, advertisements, and other bizarre mentions in various meta-media.  This doesn't mean I won't lie from time to time on here anyways.  This also doesn't include any of the myriad other Jason Phoenixes in the world, fictional or otherwise.  Just this Jason Phoenix.

Email:  jasonphoenix (at) jasonphoenix (dot) com
If you're curious about why I put this in plaintext which requires you to have to put some effort into emailing me beyond clicking a simple link, the reason is that there are these little daemons that pick up things like mailto: links and send all those email addresses advertisements.  I do this because I like humans more than robots or advertisements. I'm sorry if you really had to squint to read this as well.

PhoeniPhone:  One Seven Eight Five Two Five Six Zero Two One Zero
Same reasons as above, you damn bots.  Be aware that in general I hate talking on the phone, and prefer texts/voicemails/random sound recordings.  Abuse of this will lead to furious outrage with possible verbal evisceration and/or complete silence/horrifically loud sounds. 

Social Media Jason Phoenix Exists On:
None of these are endorsements of the given service, and more likely reflects the problem of having to put a flag on every social media website which exists in order to keep it from being taken over by someone else and regretting the lack of a custom URL forever after.  I do NOT conduct business via any Social Media; any contact for any reason is best applied to the above contact and NOT to any of the below linked entities.  

/Twitter: JPHX
Random stream of consciousness & conscience archived for eternity 140 ch at a time.

/YouTube:  jasonphoenixdotcom
YouTube is the greatest thing since Radio.

/SoundCloud:  JasonPhoenix
I love SoundCloud very, very much.

/Google+:  Jason Phoenix
Hey, they gave me a proper URL.  Thanks, Google!

/MySpace: Jason Phoenix  
I used to be very active on here, and then woke up and decided to make my own dotcom rather than directing people to another dotcom.

/Facebook:  Jason Phoenix
I check FaceBook once a month; otherwise I really loathe everything about it, and do not conduct business or friendships on there.  

There are others, probably.  If you make an outpost/shrine/website for me, please let me know.