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About Jason Phoenix

I am Jason Phoenix, and I am an original artist working in sound, light, & ink. 

I reside in Lawrence, Kansas, near the center of the United States, and I work whereever work takes me.

I was born on the cusp of Cancer and Leo and like to think I have attributes of both.
I was born the year disco was declared dead and rock was declared alive.  I turned 21 at the cusp of the new millenia.

I do many different things.  I am foremost an artist, a guitarist, and a writer.

I am an audio engineer experienced in live sound reinforcement and studio recording.

I am a producer working in live electronics & sound design in analog and digital forms.
I also produce recordings for other artists whose music I enjoy.  I am sometimes a tour manager, sometimes a lighting designer, and sometimes an Artist & Repertoire representative.

I create art and graphic design in ink and digital media, I am producer of recordings and live events, and I am a wordsmith and sometimes journalist.

JasonPhoenix.com is my online presence where I share my long-form thoughts, my projects, hopes, dreams, and realizations.

I am investing my infrastructure with Google's numerous services as part of a long term demonstration of their products as applied to my lifestyle & output as an artist.  This has been getting better and better over time.

I've been working on multiple projects in various media for over a decade:  composing and improvising electronic music in the studio and onstage using my guitar and electronic instruments; refining and developing my visual designs and their style.

The two are meant to be experienced together, and the pursuit of their perfection informs and refines both.

I frequently tag my possessions with JPHX.

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