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New Tests Later Tonight -Mouth

In part I have created this blog to test out this Google service, as well as testing my Nexus S.  The idea of having an easily edited, easily updated blog interests me a great deal, partly because I like  my adventures, and because I feel the Internet has inadvertently created a whole new form of journalism.

 The idea of being able to instantly publish to an audience (admittedly an audience of one, for the moment), much less to add pictures (and even video) in the moment sparks my imagination.  My preliminary tests show there are some issues, but tonight, I intend to try something more difficult.

I'll be chronicling the band Mouth tonight, as best I'm able with my trusty Nexus S, the Blogger app, and judicious backup through Google Docs and Picasa.  I won't be attempting video, but I'm fairly sure I'll be able to handle writing some text about proceedings as they happen, and adding photos as possible.  Or I hope so.  One way or another, better to attempt documenting someone I know as opposed to using myself as the guinea pig.

We'll find out how it goes!  Or we'll delete this and the experiment and no one will be the wiser.