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Spring & Current Projects

Spring has arrived, although in keeping with Global Weirding, most of this week was chilly and grey here in Kansas.  Today is Easter, and it is relievingly quiet and absent of people in Downtown Lawrence.

I've been absent on the Internet front, soaking up content from others rather than creating.  I'm listening to a couple discussing how to set up a website online for maximum impact, achieving x amount of web views and notoriety.  It reminded me I haven't been by in a while.  I've been bouncing back and forth between setting up my little outposts and how to connect or disconnect them from each other.  Exploring Google+, although I don't know where I fit into it.  I am beginning to feel that all outposts of the Internet are essentially self-produced commercials, or commentary on same.

I've been writing a story about clones, and that has taken up a surprising amount of my creative energy.   Its sparked off a whole series of thoughts, words, and pages.  It is a pleasure to scroll through the raw words and appreciate that something semi-tangible is forming out of it.  There are other stories  I'm filtering through.  Google Docs has turned out to be a godsend for keeping track of them and writing when I have the time (and Internet access).

I've also discovered that the best time for purely creative writing is just after I've woken up, and the best time for the technical & critical writing is in the late afternoon around sunset.  I can now rely on myself for plot arcs in the early morning.

My music remains ethereal, created and vanished as soon as its dissipated out of the air.  Some of it is pretty.  I've been writing jungle breaks in an Android App called Caustic.  Its phenomenal.  The "tiny" guitar rig is functional; it is entertaining to use.  I am enjoying listening to everyone else's work on SoundCloud very much.

(((( [-_-] ))))