jasonphoenix jasonphoenix: Almost time for an insightful and interesting entry (but not just yet)


Almost time for an insightful and interesting entry (but not just yet)

As I said in my last posting, either I'll release something or that post will haunt me for all eternity. And so it shall.

Flotsam+Jetsam is still being worked on; after reviewing my first stab I agreed the material has promise, but needs refining & focus.

I missed my deadline of releasing something before 2011 gave out, but frankly, I don't give damn. The beats deserve better.

Better synths, that is. So, I've been working out the last piece in my electronic guitar technique, the expression pedal.

For those of you still reading but have no idea what I meant by "electronic guitar" I'll explain a little. I have a Roland system which allows me to play my guitar and it turns the notes I play into MIDI information. This is very much like playing a keyboard, except totally different. In short, I can play the strings of my guitar and play a synthesizer (or drums, or samples, but I've already said too much).

It is also totally different than playing an electric or acoustic guitar, and it has taken me a while to achieve what I like to call proficiency... although I also feel like this is a dragon I will be chasing for a long time.

To wrap up what was supposed to be a boring post, I've been recording a few electronic guitar improvisations with my phone and posting them to my SoundCloud (http://soundcloud.com/jasonphoenix) if you're curious what the latest sounds from me are. Just some ambient stuff.

More to come. Enjoy the leap day.