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Tests Completed

I've run through a small battery of tests on my Nexus S along with Google's services--and this blog--and I'm just about done.  There are a few little things I'd like to try out, but I'm essentially through evaluating a Nexus S and seeing what Google's products have to offer a multimedia artist.

Some of these tests have gone well, others not so well.  Of course, at the moment no one is looking, so the things that have gone wrong are not a big deal.  As best I know, I'm the only one reading anything.  I think I'll be rolling through the tests and deleting them, polishing one or two, and leaving this note for posterity even though if you're reading this, the traces are probably already gone.

Anyways, please resume your normal browsing habits.

-J. Phoenix
(((( [-_-] ))))