jasonphoenix jasonphoenix: First Flowers of Spring


First Flowers of Spring

Today I took a walk, and at one intersection, I noticed a tree had budded, small green buds breaking out at the edges of one branch.

I thought about snapping a picture, but didn't think it was that noteworthy and I crossed the street.  When I got to the other side, I looked down and noticed a beautiful purple flower at my feet.

It was part of a cluster of flowers.  I whipped out my phone, looking forward to trying out the macro controls.  I got some near and far shots.  I tried to catch the setting sun hitting the petals.

I snapped several shots, then noticed another, even more beautiful group of newly awakened flowers.  So I shot them too.  They were delicate tri-petaled flowers with inexplicably leopard like spots on each petal.

And, as I put up my phone, I looked up and saw that the whole lawn in between the sidewalk and the street had little newborn flowers sprinkled randomly all over.

I didn't shoot the whole lawn though.  Instead I walked back to my favorite coffeehouse and wrote this out.