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jasonphoenix[dot]com Version 1.0

Today, with little fanfare--besides this blog post--jasonphoenix.com v1.0 officially became live on the Internet.

I'll admit, when I thought of what it would take to create jasonphoenix.com, I had imagined a massive undertaking involving server farms, a battalion of web designers working raw html in note pads, followed by a huge party with a big soundsystem and live performances by my friends.

However, here we are, and here it is. Version 1.0

 It is appropriate that it should be launched now, short a month of my birthday, and a decade shy of when I first began plotting and planning my online presence. So the moment is auspicious ...enough that I'm partly writing this post with my phone...trying to beat midnight CST for the timestamp. I might make it.

The Freestate Oatmeal Stout I'm drinking says otherwise.

 It began with a different name, long since appropriated by cyber squatters. I wanted a place I could send my artwork, my music, my words. I drew diagrams and trees. I plotted email addresses and the best way to represent myself online. But I never actually put myself to the task of making it happen.

I've missed my deadline.  Much like me. Always thinking far into the future, and still managing to be late.

Anyways huzzah and all that. Proud to officially be among the actually online denizens, theoretically creating rather than consuming...

 (((( [-_-] ))))